About Us

Pinay Ballers is a new league formed by passion and love of basketball. PBL Vision is to use this sport as a tool for breaking down the walls that are detrimental to a society. It envisions a society embodied with equality and opportunity, the two-pronged role of sports in the overall development of a community.


Our Mission is to continue awaken the hearts of Filipinos who is dying to see the beauty and power of womens through sports. Basketball is one of the famous sports in the Philippines and graciously supported by our Government but unfortunately Women’s Basketball Programs and leagues are far beyond the help of the government for so many acceptable reasons. That is why Pinay Ballers made its own way to make Filipina Basketball Athletes dream to have a League of their own.


This basketball tournament is an opportunity to gather all Women’s Basketball Athletes to play and compete in a competitive tournament and promote sportsmanship & camaraderie among the professional sector of our society. This will be a good start for Women’s Basketball Program in the Philippines.