Season 2: Tournament Format

1. There will be EIGHT to TEN (8-10) teams who will play the single elimination round robin format per division. The top four (4) teams will qualify for the semifinals.

2. In case of a sweep in the single elimination, a twice to beat advantage will be applied. The remaining teams will follow the Step Ladder Format (R4 VS R3 , WINNER R4 OR R3 VS R2)

3. If there’s no sweep in the single elimination. The semi-finals will follow the “cross-over” format, where rank 1 will play against rank 4 and rank 2 will play against rank 3.

4. Winners of both semifinal games will play a single “KNOCK-OUT” game for championship.

5. All ties will be broken via the FIBA quotient system.

6. All games schedule will fall on SATURDAY and SUNDAY.

Season 2: Registration Deadline

PBL 2nd Developmental Division
PBL 1st Elite Division

Deadline of Submission: OCTOBER 17
-TEAM LINE UP/ROSTER-(email at or
-RESERVATION FEE- (Call or Text 09327091996 and look for Ms.Catipon for payment details)

PBL Developmental Division Rules on Team Default

Atleast 5 players in your team should be in the basketball court before the game starts, if less than 5,”Automatic Default”

Claiming a default:
The team present and “ready to play” at the time game is scheduled to start, they may claim a win by default by recording their line up, and stating “default” on the officials table. The PBL will assist the team captain with this process.

PBL Developmental Division Rules on Defense/Pressing.

Full court pressing is allowed and may be used for the entire game with the following exceptions;

*A team that is ahead by 20 points may not be full-court press to extend their lead, but they may use any other type of half-court defense.

*The intention of this pressuring rules is to expose and prepare each players with the knowledge of how to run a press break and break the press in future seasons. It is not the intention to this rule to extend the lead and “blow the other teams out”. It is also the intention of this rule to allow every team a chance to get back in the game.

Mistreating and yelling at referees

Mistreating and yelling at referees can hurt your team a number of ways:

Poor Coaching 
– If you concentrate on the referees’ calls that means you’re not focused on your team which means you will miss teachable moments for your players. 

Won’t get Answers On Calls 
– When you need to question a call or talk with the referees, they might not listen. This could cost you the game.

Get Calls Against You
– If you constantly badger referees, some will purposely start making calls against you. This is especially true at the youth and high school levels of basketball.

Bad Team Play
– Players often copy their coach’s actions. If you are mistreating the referees, your players probably will too. This will lead to your players getting on the bad side of the referees which will never help in getting a fair game called. Also, when they blame the officials rather than taking responsibility for poor play, this can lead to a negative mind state for the whole team.