1. Read your bible, pray every day and always give thanks for the blessings each day.
2. Don’t stop believing and doing your best effort.
3. Be true to yourself and honest with others.
4. Make each day your masterpiece.
5. Value everyone.
6. Coaches modeling the way.
7. Leaders must step up big.
8. Focus on the core values;
Integrity: Do what’s right because it is the righ thing to do.
Kindness: Help others without asking anything in return.
Unity: Team first, lead by giving, make teammates better.
Passion: Commit to excellence with positive energy and relentless persistence.
Diligence: Pursue excellence with 100% effort and efficiency everyday.
Appreciation: An attitude of gratitude, grow in both victory and defeat. Intelligence: Learn to Unlearn
9. Enjoy the moment.

Since there is no Professional League for Women’s Basketball yet in our country we take pride in promoting the awareness, innovation and empower all aspiring
female ballers to believe that basketball never stops. Our vision is to make them believe that we will make it happen as we encourage excellence towards their passion in basketball. Thus, we encourage sportsmanship and camaraderie.
To raise funds for the continuous expansion of the tournament in promoting sports, conducting basketball clinics and other events that will support the vision and mission of our league.

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