To develop and promote the women’s basketball program in the Philippines and provide opportunities to former Collegiate Athletes to continue their passion in basketball and be an inspiration to all kids and young adults who aspire to be future athletes that will represent our country.
To develop raw skills, improve their work ethic, and to impart to campers the true value and meaning of life, faith and basketball.
To give chance or opportunity to former UAAP/WNCAA and collegiate players to continue their passion in playing basketball.


To use sports as a tool for breaking down the walls that are detrimental to a society.
We envision a society embodied with equality and opportunity. We envision the two-pronged role of sports in the overall development of a community. Young kids engaged in sports have long-term benefits such as healthy living and paves the way for future academic scholarships and limitless opportunities.
To conduct nationwide Basketball Camps and Basketball Tournament is a training ground for professional and National athletes. The Camp also serves as a window of opportunity, an avenue for reaching out to children who remain steadfast and innocent of living better lives. Through our Camps, clinics and tournaments, we aim to reach out and give back to the sport we love.


To encourage aspiring young athletes to hone their talents and skills by conducting nationwide Basketball Camps and Basketball tournaments (5on5 and 3on3). We aim to reach out and tap the grassroots level, where real talent is born. And to former players, we want to encourage them too, to continue play the sports they love and to a good example and inspiration to all the young athletes.. Pinay Ballers are designed to instill the fundamentals of basketball and more importantly, to impart sport values that no textbook can teach.
It is our Mission to provide a positive and welcoming atmosphere and to encourage every Pinay Ballers to participate as it is equally beneficial to their upbringing.

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