On-Court Behaviour

On-Court Behaviour

1. Any sign of taunting, intimidation, name calling, and other unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in a warning on the initial violation and a player ejection on the second occurrence. This includes any sign of mocking, ridicule, name calling, or any inappropriate, uncalled for remarks on the bench. This behaviour will not be tolerated – it has no place in this league. A third occurrence will result in a team default.

2. Any player (one – no mobs!) may bring a complaint to the organizer’s attention, although it’s preferred if the captain does this. At the organizer’s discretion, he/she may allow further discussion with other players.
Failure to respect this rule will result in an initial warning, then a player ejection, and finally, a team default.

3. If a player shows up with alcohol under their breath or the organizer sees any sign of narcotics, the organizer has the right to remove the player and/or default the team.

4. If a player kicks the ball, the player will be suspended for one game and the team will be given a warning.
Acts such as “punching” or throwing the ball across the court will be penalized based on review with the captains and PBL Committee.

5. Any fighting will result in an ejection of the player(s) from the league and an automatic team default of 2 games including the current game.
The next team default will result in removal of the team from the league.

6. In the case of physical misconduct such as an extreme intentional foul with no play on the ball where a player is strictly “going after” another player, the organizer may choose to suspend the player for a “to be determined” number of games.
As well, the team will default one game (organizer’s discretion) – if they are losing the current game, they will default the next game.
Please note that because of the subjective nature of these types of incidents, the organizer has discretion with suspensions and defaults.
The organizer will do his/her best to be consistent with these types of penalties.
It’s important to note that the league doesn’t tolerate such behaviour, therefore, the inclination is to remove such players from the league.

7. If a player appears to be ignorant of the league rules, the organizer has the right to remove the player from the court – with cooperation from the team captain.
The organizer also has the right to suspend any player from the league for any duration if the player does not play within the rules and spirit of this league.


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